GridFlow GridFlow GridFlow
A multidimensional dataflow processing library for PureData, designed for interactive multimedia

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Ubuntu 9.10* and others, on Intel/AMD in 32-bits mode

OSX (10.4* and later) on Intel

Windows XP/Vista on Intel/AMD
8 février 2011
download .tar.gz download (for 10.4 and 10.5 and later, with and without x11) download
8 octobre 2010
download .tar.gz .deb Ubuntu 10.10 32-bit64-bit
.deb Ubuntu 10.04 32-bit64-bit
.deb Ubuntu 9.10 32-bit64-bitLPIA

* Some packages originally marked as being "10.4 and later" were later found to be "10.5 and later" instead, but were not renamed to "macosx105". Instead, notes are written in this table. We believe that this is fixed in GridFlow 9.13.

ALSO, note that there are still occasional incompatible changes. Those happen rather seldom (and on average, gradually less often), but please consult the ChangeLog file when upgrading, to know what might break in your programmes.


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